Mark is Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Humanities at Loyola University Maryland. Here is a sampling of syllabi and descriptions for some of the courses he has taught (documents will open in Microsoft Word or pdf format):

EN 101 Understanding Literature

EN 180 Introduction to Film and Literature.
Reel Life Cycles: Identity and the Family in Literature and Film

EN 201 Major Writers English: Growing Up Modern (description)

EN 372 Modern British and American Poetry

EN 381 Fiction and Film

EN 382 England Swings: Literature, Film, and Culture in the 1960’s

EN 382 Neurodiversity: Mental Disability in Literature and Film

EN 386 From Berlin to Hollywood: German Directors and Classic American Cinema

EN 382 Shades of Black: Film Noir and Post-War America

EN 399 Blue Notes: The Literatures of Jazz

EN 409 Senior Honors Seminar: Modern Classic Revisions: Twentieth Century Rewritings of Classic Texts